Oriented towards mutual understanding

Thinking from the inside to the outside

Learning to communicate and connect with others

Relationship with others
and my communication

Who am I?

Beziehung zu anderen und meine Kommunikation

Wer bin ich?

Auf gegenseitiges Verstehen orientiert

Vom Innen hin zum Außen denken

Kommunizieren und Verbinden mit anderen lernen

Who am I test

What do I want in life?
What is my destiny?

From the inside out – The Red Thread, so to speak, is about also understanding and getting to know oneself better in order to understand others better. For example, a ‘Team Management Profile’ and a ‘Type Test’ can contribute to this. How can we deal with the fact that there is not just one, but 7.5 billion ‘realities’?


‘Who am I?’ is a question that many of us ask ourselves.
And of course there is no ‘who am I test’ that would conclusively answer all the questions we have about ourselves and our lives.

That is the wonderful thing: that we are all so different and multi-faceted!

At the same time we ask ourselves – sometimes at different times in our lives: “What do I want in life?” And we may (already) be at a point where we say to ourselves: “I don’t want to live to work anymore. – What is (really) my purpose?”

We may even decide to find a new job. In order to find one’s vocation, it is indeed a valuable, even indispensable prerequisite that I am willing to get to know myself.

Some say, “I don’t want to work anymore!” — In principle, this succeeds when I have found something that fills me completely and where I bring myself with great joy.

See also positioning and orientation – also in the professional field.


Even though there cannot be a fully comprehensive ‘Who am I?’ test, at Red Thread we work – if you want – with two profiles that facilitate and support the process of getting to know each other:

One is the profile from the TEAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS®) – a really productive approach from which you get something for many years. The other is the so-called TYPUS test of the Red Thread.

Both propensity tests are ideally suited to also scrutinise my communication with myself and others. This is (almost) always complemented with transactional analysis. This learning and getting to know each other opens up new spaces – and as my own communication – with myself and the environment – becomes different, relationships will also change, I will be able to assert myself better, set my boundaries and achieve goals.

This is great fun and the result is, of course, also extremely beneficial to one’s own zest for life!

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