Ängste überwinden

Sich selbst positionieren

Das eigene Leben (weiter) entwickeln

Gold Nuggets… for you…

Gold Nuggets … für Sie …

Sich selbst positionieren

Das eigene Leben (weiter) entwickeln

Valuable impulses

For years I have been writing little “impulses” – usually once a month and in German – for the clients of my management consultancy Roter Faden Consulting.

Sometimes it is just seemingly small tips, tricks, tools – or simply thoughts and new perspectives that can trigger something in us.
… And I often call these little impulses nuggets – little pieces of gold that can potentially do something good or that are simply useful.

Since, in addition to leadership and entrepreneurial issues, it’s very often a matter of self-management, overcoming fears, worries and bottlenecks and personal development, this also fits in perfectly with all the issues at stake here.

So I cordially invite you to become a subscriber (sometimes there are even special extras for them!)

You know the game: enter your data, e-mail arrives, follow the instructions for confirmation and you’re in the distribution list!

And here’s how to subscribe to the Roter Faden Impulse!