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My story

… is characterized by a great deal of practical experience …

Meine Geschichte

… ist geprägt von sehr viel Praxiserfahrung …

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About me

Create clarity.
Remove constraints.
Good implementation.

With a background in business administration, I initially worked for well over twenty years in a large company at various locations and functions: from logistics, sales and purchasing to management and project management tasks and various consulting topics, especially in IT and process issues.


So I come from a practical background and appreciate particularly practical approaches that can be implemented immediately. It fascinated me early on that “everything is connected with everything else” and that things interact with each other and with each other on various levels – it is almost always a matter of “unravelling threads” and finding the red thread. And then to realign them if necessary. Accordingly, I founded my own strategic consultancy in 2008: Red Thread Consulting.


In addition to a profound qualification as coach and consultant, I have focused on systemic approaches and transactional analysis. In order to expand and complement my knowledge in certain areas, I successfully completed a training as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy.


In recent years, I have found that, in addition to my consulting mandates for companies, I particularly enjoy accompanying people with their issues in a 1:1 context and supporting them in (re)finding clarity and their Red Thread red thread as well as successfully formulating, pursuing and achieving their wishes and goals.

My Mission

I support people in creating clarity for themselves and realizing their own goals and wishes.
I accompany them in positioning themselves, identifying possible barriers on the way there and understanding their overcoming as an opportunity.

My Vision

People come (again) with the Red Thread into their own strength and develop their personal growth – they thus achieve sustained creativity and joy of life.

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