Brings results

Needs courage, brings joy and the effects last

Every path begins with the first step

Jeder Weg beginnt mit dem ersten Schritt


Bringt was

Braucht Mut, bringt Freude und die Wirkung hält an


If you want to get to the source, you have to swim against the current (Hermann Hesse).
Translating courage into the first step.
With the first appointment your own Red Thread towards change can begin.

Roter Faden Workshops

Currently the events are only in German live and online. Please have a look at the German page: www.roter-faden-coaching.de/termine/

If you are interested in workshops and events in English, please contact me! As soon as there are enough participants, I will offer corresponding events. Maybe you have English-speaking contacts who are also interested? Then let’s organise a workshop together! > hh@roter-faden-coaching.de


1:1 Personal Meeting

You are also welcome to call me or contact me at hh@roter-faden-coaching.de to arrange a personal meeting.

In any case, I look forward to seeing or hearing from you!

Notizbuch mit rotem Stift – Termine mit Hermann Häfele lohnen sich