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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

What is business coaching with the Red Thread?

Business coaching with the Red Thread always invites you to look at the “big picture“.

The keywords “personal coach business” or “personal and business coach” already say it all:

It is about no longer separating the business, the professional area of responsibility, from personal issues.

It is often relationship issues – whether with yourself, your partner or others – that have an impact on your professional life and, of course, vice versa.

At the Red Thread, we work on the basis of the teachings of Prof. Wolfgang Mewes, among others.

Based on competencies and special personal characteristics, personal development is always about subjective and objective bottlenecks.

Subjective bottlenecks are those issues that immediately “hurt” and which we assume are responsible for blockages of whatever kind. Assuming that we are open to this, we look together at what the objective bottlenecks may be and then work precisely with these.

At Red Thread Coaching, we are not looking for “Aspirin solutions” but for sustainable change.

Occasion and cause, surface and root … There are many ways to express this.

Why business coaching?

This should answer the question “why business coaching?” – and to a certain extent also the question of “when business coaching?”. It starts to become useful precisely when you start to suspect that piecemeal work won’t get you anywhere:
A quick communication training here, some quick negotiation coaching there and three more videos or podcasts on leadership techniques and team building … This is exactly what is meant by “aspirin solutions”.

Many executives then come across as very artificial and “fake” and your teams notice very quickly whether this is authentic or not. The same applies, figuratively speaking, to all other areas of life, such as relationships.

What are the benefits of business coaching?

That depends – quite frankly – on how courageous you are. If you have the courage to start with yourself, if you are willing to take a deep dive into yourself, then this can lead to a small inner revolution: You will face your outside world and your challenges much more authentically and solve any issues much more easily and better than before.

Personal growth can go hand in hand with all of this, which has a positive effect on all areas of life. It may be that your priorities shift, it may be that you rethink your current professional direction or even decide to reposition yourself.

Or even deepen it and approach things with renewed vigor and motivation.

If you are prepared not only to recognize that “everything is connected”, but also what this means for you, then this will create a quality of life that feels really new – and really real.

I accompany you in this way, whether as a “personal & business coach Berlin” or as “business online coaching”, completely independent of location. And, if you like, of course also in English.

If you’re interested, let’s have a chat and meet online! I’m looking forward to getting to know you. Get here in contact.

Executive Coaching

Two different perspectives

You can look at executive coaching from two different perspectives.

On the one hand, coaching for managers (LINK to  “What is coaching for managers”) who are looking for coaching for themselves.

Or on the other hand it is about the perspective of the company:

If you have a medium-sized company and, as an entrepreneur, you want your managers (and yourself, of course) to speak the same language, then it makes sense to go through a joint coaching session with everyone – one of the issues here can be what the company goals and corporate philosophy mean for each individual: how can these be “broken down” to the individual areas of responsibility so that both the importance of the respective responsibilities and the company goals are satisfied?

Furthermore, how can the individual strengths and special characteristics of those involved be used in the best possible way?

Really serious management coaching includes management, and indeed in this case it should even precede it. And if consistently pursued and implemented, this is the best approach for a promising change management throughout the company. 

What is coaching for managers?

Coaching for managerswith the Red Thread – looks at you as a whole person. Either you don’t lead at all, but simply pack slogans and some “techniques” from leadership seminars into your behavior and you lead through your external status. Team leader, senior team leader, group leader, department manager, division manager, board member.
Fine – but you’ll soon notice that your leadership doesn’t work; or that you only get people in your team who talk at your mouth but shine more through intrigue than competence.

Or you lead as a person, as the person you are, with all your being and all your becoming. Including a hopefully lively and active further development and the will to get to know yourself as well as the willingness for self-development.

Then it will be an exciting journey. A journey that will allow you to grow and become an authentic personality.

Leading” derives from the Old High German root faran, which means “to set in motion”.
You can hear and see the common origin with the German word “fahren”, which means to drive.

Coaching for managers is not about “fixing” you and making you into something other than you are, but about helping you to find yourself.
If you then lead from yourself, from your personal inclinations and strengths, then this may be completely different from what your colleague or the team leader from the other department might do.
At Red Thread Coaching, we like to work with the so-called Typus Profile and the even more powerful Team Management Profile according to Marguerison and McCann.

These two profiles complement each other perfectly and support you very well on the path to getting to know yourself.
Both are important: finding your own authenticity and leading from it. And at the same time to treat the people in your team in the same way, namely as highly individual personalities.

If you like, this results in just as many leadership styles as you have people in your team.

Really good leadership is something challenging and can be a great pleasure –  contact me   … And we will find out where your desired topics, challenges and bottlenecks are.

Management Seminars

The Red Thread also offers in-house seminars for managers on request.

In contrast to other management seminars, this is much more like a ‘workshop’.
This means that we naturally and thoroughly clarify at the beginning of such a project what the objectives are, what is to be conveyed and what the motive is.
The topics of communication, negotiation, leadership, team development, strategy and practical implementation as well as personal development and time management are the realms you have the right partner with the Red Thread.

The Red Thread does not stand for piecemeal work (“do a communication seminar, the office staff are not working as they should!“), but for a holistic approach.

Seminar programs and workshop series therefore only make sense if they are clearly integrated into the overall company objectives and if the management is involved – almost everyone knows the saying “The fish stinks in the head” – just do it differently!

The Red Thread is always about the intensive involvement of all participants in such events – and in-house seminars at the Red Thread are characterized by a high degree of interaction, the topics are actually developed together.
And the most important thing is practice – practical relevance and practical implementation always come first.

If you are interested, let’s simply talk about your topics – write to me.

Sparring partner

Where does the term sparring partner come from?

The term originally comes from boxing. The term is also used in various martial arts.

Here too, it is – if you like – a mixture of a coach and a trainer.

It is definitely about fighting like in a competition – but with adapted rules.
Injuries are to be prevented and the focus is on training. Instead of “winners and losers”, it’s more about really learning and improving your skills.

The following could be a concrete example of sparring with Red Thread Coaching:

For an account manager, sales manager or executive, it’s about turning a prospect into a new customer. All theory remains gray to a certain extent if it is not put into practice, so such a situation is simulated and practiced. 
Practice – evaluate – understand and implement – improve/integrate – practice – evaluate again. This is both challenging and incredibly productive.

To spar with someone literally means to deal with someone.

In no way does this mean “arguing” or having to argue all the time.

To spar with someone means to take an interest in someone and to want to get to know them.

When you “engage” with someone, it first means creating distance in a positive sense.
Only then can you see something or someone as a whole.

Others are better suited to boxing or martial arts – but if you are a specialist, manager or entrepreneur looking for a sparring partner, then write to me, I am looking forward to meeting you. 

What is a sparring partner?

A good sparring partner will question and challenge you. Together with you, they will work out what your beliefs are and how you see the world through your glasses.

Questioning what you (or your head) believe is right is what can make such work very successful: By listening carefully and asking appropriate questions, changes in perspective emerge.
And ideally, the ability to look at things increases, using the “Zoom-out/Zoom-in – Principle”: When zooming out, you check whether your view of things is objectively true and to what extent it may be determined by your own beliefs or your personal values/principles. There are almost always further possibilities. And when you zoom in (again), a new, often completely different picture may emerge.

What are the benefits of sparring?

Assuming openness, sparring brings a change of perspective. You have, if you like, both at the same time: a kind of personal boot camp with a trainer who reminds you here and there that you want to become what you already are and that this development also requires some effort and commitment. Otherwise, you will end up back in your old habits, which may be characterized by beliefs that tend to drag you down.

And in addition to the boot camp, you also have a coach who will guide you through difficult phases and support you.

When the two come together and, above all, are supported by a real inner determination to get things moving – in other words, to learn to lead yourself in the best possible way – then sparring can be very beneficial.

You become (more) independent, you become (more) authentic and you open doors for yourself to spaces that you didn’t even know were there.

A new joy in leading, in your professional work and an overall zest for life can spread.

Let’s find out if Sparring with Red Thread Coaching might be something for you – contact me now, I’m looking forward to meeting you.  

What is a sparring partner in business?

A sparring partner in a company can mean two things – on the one hand, it can be a good coach who is “available” to a whole number of people.

It can help a company enormously if this work is then evaluated at intervals and possible, sensible optimization options are developed and, above all, implemented(!) – for example in team communication. Of course, this must and will happen while maintaining confidentiality.

Secondly, it can also mean – with the help of a coach – starting a small revolution: If everyone in the company has someone as a sparring partner and all of this takes place according to jointly developed rules, the effect can be enormous.
Employees are integrated very directly and a highly exciting corporate and/or team culture is created bit by bit.
This takes a lot of courage, especially from the management – but the few companies that implement something like this have had impressive experiences and seen great results.

Would you like to know more? Write to me and we can arrange a meeting to discuss whether and, if so, how I can support you.
I am looking forward to getting to know you.