Position determination


Searching and finding the red thread

Understanding and active (further) development

Verstehen und sich aktiv (weiter)entwickeln



Den roten Faden suchen und finden

This is what it’s all about

Sometimes things stall a bit.
Let’s get things moving again!
Success with the Red Thread principle.

So what does (“strategic”) positioning mean?

From the root of the word, “strategic” means nothing other than “from a hill”.

It is therefore necessary to look at things from above. And especially to look at things we like to avoid – because they are often the stumbling block and create the bottlenecks that do not (no longer) allow our lives to “flow”.

This is how fears and stress often first arise, whether in relationships or at work.

With the help of a position consultation, an overview as well as an understanding of how things relate to each other can be regained.

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… and then what is positioning?

What were and what are your goals and wishes?

If we use positioning to identify the bottlenecks that hinder our development, then we can take much more effective “care of ourselves”. It is so to speak half the battle :-)!

And then it’s about a comparison: Where do I stand? And where do I actually want to go?

A positioning is like a (re)alignment: Only when the position and the goal are clear can one sensibly chart a course and set oneself in motion.

Red thread and implementation

And then it’s all about doing. It’ s not just a matter of findings (even such findings can be very relieving).
Implementation advice is very helpful from here on. With a sparring partner at your side, setbacks can be overcome and understood as opportunities.

To work on one’s own attitude again and again: and, as paradoxical as it sounds, not to stick to the goals set, but to entrust oneself to life.

This is how a lot of energy is generated! Finding and following one’s own Red Thread again and again becomes a powerful expression of joie de vivre.

“(…) The “tips, tricks and tools” he imparts are immediately applicable and always give me the feeling that I can now do something directly and that the situation will change. This is especially helpful and relieving when dealing with spontaneously arising topics and situations. A powerful process has been created which is really fun, because on the one hand I am understood and on the other hand I can make noticeable progress. Hermann Häfele never loses the red thread! (…)“

Verena B., Dipl.-Ing., Stuttgart