Joie de Vivre


Develop and enjoy a new lightness

“Happiness is a butterfly. Chase it and it escapes you, sit down, and it settles on your shoulder.”

Nathaniel Hawthorne, American writer, 1804-1864


What’s the point?
What’s the consequence?
What are the opportunities?

So what’s in it for you?

That’s a legitimate question. There are many “coaches”, programs or even online courses nowadays that promise that you can achieve or get rid of this or that in the shortest possible time, or become “happy” (it’s a question of how exactly this is defined).

This will only succeed in the most exceptional cases.
Neuroscience today says that real changes are possible. However, from about six months onwards. This means it takes some courage and a strong WHY – in other words, a strong motivation to get moving and bring about change. These changes could look something like this …

  •  (Again) Autonomy
  • Freedom
  • A coherence and agreement with what you do
  • Joie de Vivre
  • A certain degree of resilience: i.e., in the event of adversity you are not immediately knocked out
  • (Again) come into your own power
  • Lightness

So this is exactly what you potentially get out of it.
Not every day “peace, joy, pancakes”, of course.
At the same time, it can help you to overcome obstacles and difficulties that stand in the way of your own joy of life.

Yes – change needs courage. But the journey is worth it!

“I can really highly recommend working with Hermann Häfele! For me, it is like an intensive ‘dialogized self-reflection’. That’s how I keep my feet on the ground and can look at reality and myself soberly. With his advice, his effective tips and tools as well as his helpful support I always succeed in implementing the insights I have gained. What does this bring me?
Again and again joy, relief, peace and security on my way.”

D., Managing Director in Berlin