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Supporter of the search for orientation and new beginnings

What is my purpose?

Working out one’s own positioning –
find your own vocation.

Was ist meine Bestimmung?

Die eigene Positionierung erarbeiten – die eigene Berufung finden.



Unterstützer von Orientierungssuche und Neuaufbruch

Positioning and orientation also in the professional field

Strategic positioning. That sounds “entrepreneurial” at first – but when it comes to one’s own professional future, one’s own professional orientation or reorientation, it suddenly affects you very much! So what does it mean and how can you approach the topic?

One of the expert fields at the Red Thread is precisely this strategic positioning. – Why strategic?

The Greek strategòs as a word root shows us what is meant by it: it essentially means ‘hill’, a hill from which I get an overview.

The constraint-focused strategy developed by Prof. Wolfgang Mewes (1924-2016) is not only suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also for personal positioning and orientation processes. It has been enriched and supplemented over time by numerous personalities with further aspects – I, too, have added certain additional loops, so to speak, in “Mewes’ spirit”, as I understood it, which from my point of view can be very helpful in certain cases.

All in all, with the Red Thread there is a “best of”, so to speak — because the two points that guide my work the most are, on the one hand, the benefit for you and, on the other hand, always the practical feasibility.

New start and reorientation

I have done this process many times – in one case a self-employed person went from a turnover of just under five figures to seven figures within about 4-5 years. In various other cases, clients have been able to move from a rather depressing job to a new career field or employment where they were considerably happier.

In each case – it is important to note – it is about engaging in the process: And that can mean becoming a ‘let-go’ of old patterns, perhaps getting to know yourself ‘properly’ for the first time and starting to live what makes you you.

I have almost always experienced that things in other areas of life began to move as a result of the process. It is often not so much about finding all the answers to the famous question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”, which is still often asked by recruiters. It’s about following one’s own energies, following one’s own life and making a contribution, so to speak – whatever it looks like, it should have to do with one’s own strengths and qualities.

Can and “may” one earn a lot of money with it? Of course! At the same time, this is rather a pleasant side effect if I follow the process consistently – also in the implementation.

So: departure or new departure and a new orientation in life are not only an excellent idea, but we owe it to our lives to find ourselves – and thus also to the world.

A holistic positioning process is probably the best investment we can make in ourselves and our lives!

Your Red Thread Finder

If your concerns include determination, vocation, finding the (right) job and ultimately (re)orienting yourself in all areas of life – then please feel free to contact me!

I am there for you as a strategic positioning guide, as a strength carver, companion and – together with you – Red Thread finder!

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